Can wait for him to be oh so privet about his child and just accidentally bring it to every possible public thing ever and ‘leak’ pictures to the papers


And the thing about the UK…they can’t print any picture about minors without the parents’ consent. So if there are any pictures, there would have had to been consent from one of the parents. 

Whoring out his poor stepkid would be the last straw. My goodness did fame (and HW) bring out the worst in BC. The fact that all of his natural charm and grace has suddenly evaporated? Sadly, he is a bonafide covert narcissist and always has been. No one changes that much in such a short period. There are people saying that BC is going to keep right on going. They forget that neither Cruise, Renner nor Travolta looked like cancer patients at any point in their fauxmances. I don’t think BC’s health is going to improve because SH is making him miserable and the press is going to keep digging. I have a gut feeling that it’s going to end prematurely and quite badly. A scandal would be a godsend at this point, prolonging this will only hurt BC in the long run.

He’s gotten a couple of pats for ShamBub while being drawn and quartered over that CBE. This is the start of a downward trend for him, he’ll have work for the time being but lucrative new offers will start drying up. TH is set to have far more long term success, BC I can see ending up on TV again. TH who is from a more aristocratic background has more humility and common sense than his misguided friend. Imagine that?

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