Is Benedict Cumberbatch Fiancée Sophie Hunter Pregnant? Couple Expecting Baby: Report


Benedict Cumberbatch may become a father in the near future if rumors about fiancée Sophie Hunter turn out to be true. An exclusive report from Showbiz Spy claims the “Sherlock” star’s partner is two months pregnant.

The couple, who revealed their engagement through an announcement in the Times, will deny the pregnancy rumors until Hunter is at least three months pregnant, a source told the news site. “They will deny the pregnancy until they want to announce it,” (TFOE: Which they do a month later.) the insider said. “They’re very private.” 

(TFOE: They say as the article about their evites was being drafted after they said they wanted to wait to get married until the had more time to fit it into their schedule. Insert a wedding two month later with every single thing they could’ve possibly needed to make it a totes private lowkey elegant wedding with Valentino flower girl dresses and capes, a custom made Valentino dress, cake, helicopters, photographers, a whole island to cater their needs then tweet about it…well, you catch my drift. And if I am to understand, I would think Jesus himself would struggle to get a whole wedding planned in three months time, and so perfect and without a hitch, have most of the island closed off for a day such as V-day, when couples are loving it up left and right in hotels and they cleared out a whole hotel, most of their celeb friends all happen to have their schedules cleared. God I love their definition of privacy! It makes me giggle. Oh god. I should just stop right here.)

As I said before that’s what blows this farce wide open. Two months would mean she got pregnant in early October. BC would have obviously flown to share the baby news with Mama FameHunter when SH was like 2 weeks pregnant? Excuse me…

So far everything is indicating that Notmybaby was made in the 3rd week of August. 

Is Benedict Cumberbatch Fiancée Sophie Hunter Pregnant? Couple Expecting Baby: Report

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