If SH has her own money I like to know where she makes it. I think she knows the right people/basically has lived a socialite life on the backs of her “friends” until she married. Sadly I know this type of woman in my world cause I work for wealthy family & I see the hanger-ons they stick out like a sore thumb after a while. They are usually really good at coming off like they have $$ but they don’t. She lived in 2 big pricey cities with no real money making jobs. Theater directors make nada.

Girls like SH are professional moochers and for the record she also made a good amount of money on her own back. Many failed models/actresses turn to high-end prostitution to supplement their income. Apparently SH worked for Jeffrey Epstein through his MC2 outfit among others. Look up his name to get a better idea of the kind of person she really is…JE is one HW’s friends btw.

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