Hey Ballsy! I was checking
Instagram to kill time, when I came across this wedding dress sketch Maison
Valentino designed for someone (IDK who, but apparently someone in the public
eye). I realized they never published SH’s “special” wedding dress. I went as
far back as Jan. 2015 and there was no mention at all, when in fact they always
post their sketches (I follow the brand on IG). The only SH related thing I saw
was a photo of Wintour at Paris fashion show – you can see her name on the

That dress was definitely off the rack. However find it odd both designers
posed with her for Vogue but didn’t include her dress or editorial photos in
the official account. Will try to submit the second photo separately, my iPhone
hates me. 

Again- no mention of SH.
You can barely see her name written on a name card next to Wintour 


Ballsy:   Thanks.  Interesting. 
The person that dress was designed for just got married: 

The dress looks way
suckier in person than in the drawing. 

Anyhoo, 3+ months past
the magical V’Day Wedding and Valentino are still not taking credit?  And they removed that one pic that was used
in Vague from their Instagram at the time too.  
Are they distancing themselves from this whole thing?   And what’s with Anna and her fancy red rug?  Are regular chairs not good enough for
her?  😉

Agreed, this is one instance where the execution fell far short of the original design. But at least we know this was a one-of-a-kind custom design, much like that of Anne Hathaway:


SH got a modified catalog design that was almost 2 years old. It may have been made-to-order like all haute-couture wedding dresses but it was not unique as implied. Even Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli couldn’t be inspired by SH…

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