See its these crazy analysis posts and this self assuredness that we must protect St. Benedict is why I stopped being such a fan of BC. I think Aeltrl or Alert is touch with some crazy kool aid.


I agree but you can’t single her out there are people on the other side of the fence even more self assured who act a complete fool all in the name of St.benedict & St. Sophie. 

I swear, even though they are two different sides, the more extreme they are the more alike they are. And when you think about it, they all have the same goal -protect their patron saints. 


Better ‘mad’ than blind. See, that’s what people incapable of formulating a response based on logic and/or evidence always say. It’s depressing to see so many with reality blinders on. They are content to gobble up any pig slop the media throws at them. Observe and question everything, that is my advice to you. 

As for St. Benedict? LOL! I’ve never said anything of the sort, I place a lot of the responsibility for this fiasco squarely at his feet. I do hope his condition doesn’t worsen and that he gets rid of the people bringing him down. I also don’t like the idea of the tabs ripping him to pieces but that could very well happen. At any rate, he’s going to learn a lot regarding what not to do next time around…


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