You know the more i think about it the more i believe somebody or some people have been out to get BC, the question is why and who? He’s not that big is the US for some people to know, let alone want to destroy. And i don’t think it can be just SH, it could be HW, he certainly has that kind of power but why? What reason does he have?




Someone needs to dominate the UK (BC) and someone needs to have a sort of fan base in the US (what SH might’ve been trying to accomplish with the Vogue article)

Which is what I’ve been saying all along. HW is a vengeful SOB, don’t forget that. Think he’s happy with BC and SH after fucking up a straightforward AA campaign? No. He paid too high a price for a nom TBH. HW had never, that I can recall gone on a talk show to save face before. The ShamWow put him in the hotseat and it wasn’t entirely his fault. The Dismal Duo picked the worst showbiz mogul to get on the bad side of. Sure HW talked about BC playing Edison, what comes out of that remains to be seen. It might also distract from a hidden agenda to do him in. HW isn’t just friends with AW he’s also pals with JE (SH’s possible ex-pimp) and Murdoch among others. I also think that BC got cocky, did some stupid things and there are receipts floating around.

You can bet that HW knows about BC and SH’s dirty little secrets. 

Sorry to say this but they brought this upon themselves, if you are under a contract you need to follow it. It’s a job, causing unnecessary problems for your boss = incompetence. All HW wanted them to do is go on a few playdates and act nice on the RC, that’s it. For a professional beard or Award Season Escort that should have been easy. Look at BCoop and Irina Shayk, she was closeted Christian Ronaldo’s beard for years while hooking on the side. Suki Waterhouse was in her early 20′s and she pulled it off. SH isn’t that warm and cuddly? Fine then, keep the PDA set to mild and carry on. BC didn’t have to give that many details about their non-relationship, he could have put an embargo on certain topics to steer the conversation back to TIG. Remember that Edison can always be played by another A-Lister on HW’s viewfinder. BC can be successfully replaced ATLM as per ‘Crimson Peak’ and ‘Lost City of Z’…

Here’s what I think about HW and the angle you bring up. Because for every angle, there is a scenario that could or could not be true; so I put on my speculation hat and draw from my own experiences and here’s what I come up with.  It has very little to do with SH/BC especially SH not playing nice. Here is the real crux of HW’s hatred towards BC.  Are you with me so far? Ok….

HW has a stunningly beautiful wife (or so they tell me) which isn’t unusual; he has loads of money and has his trophy wife on his arm. right? So his wife makes the comment that she thinks BC is “good looking”, “attractive”, “sexy” any one of those adjectives or perhaps more imaginable adjectives and she says this to her fat, balding, much older than Benedict, perhaps impotent at times husband HW….. holy fucking shit! Did she ever say the wrong thing! And maybe she was friendly (in a platonic way) to BC during the promotional tour; who knows? But the bottom line here is that she made it known to her husband that she thought BC was attractive (or words to that effect).

MAY I TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT SAYING THAT TO YOUR HUSBAND (i.e., mine is older than me by a few years) It was my husband who dragged me in front of the tele to watch Sherlock back in January of 2014; I really wasn’t interested; but my husband said, “you know he’s pretty good at playing Sherlock” …. famous last words. My husband goes out of town for 5 days on a business trip and I innocently put on PBS and there it is His Last Vow is on; and OMG, I get smitten and smitten in a huge way! I play catch up with the other episodes courtesy of PBS; sign up for Netflix so I can watch seasons 1 and 2; I get all this done while he is away; then I make the brilliant remark (like HW’s wife) that I think he’s “attractive” …. my famous last words; I can’t even bring up his name in front of my husband; he goes into a “blocking me out” mode and stuff spews out of his mouth like you can’t imagine.  He hates BC, despises him, can’t stand to even look at his pictures or anything; then he catches me with a screen shot of BC on my PC; well that was the beginning of the end.  When I asked my psychologist WTF? She answered me very simply, like this…. “Men (especially older men) do not like it when their wives are drooling over a young gun (like BC) either in front of them or behind their backs; in their mind, they think well she is with me, but she really wants him…. and that my friend is a source of jealousy that even the good Lord himself can’t heal.  There is nothing I can say or do to exonerate BC to my husband; he hates him plain and simple.

Now, I am by no means a celebrity and neither is my husband; so can you imagine the ego involved with a person of means like HW? who could make or break ppl at will just because he can? If his wife was showing any type of favor to BC (even platoninc) it didn’t go well with HW and If it is true that HW is out to get BC, friends, this is the reason; HW may have money, but BC got the goods all the women want and there ain’t a damn thing HW could do about it but to kill his career…. making a little sense now? I asked my psychologist further, “do all men think like this” and she answered, “Most do”. BTW she does marriage counseling and has for the last 30+ years; so she is well schooled and not some young ‘un out of college.  

So there you have it; it may have been SH doing the dirty work and she is relentless; but secretly, she is being helped along by the likes of HW; I remember Matthew Goode remarking on social media (somewhere) that he doesn’t go near HW; for obvous reasons.  And that’s what I think, pure speculation…. but it can be true ….  

I think there is some truth behind what you said. I can see HW setting BC up with a subpar and potentially problematic ‘beard’ like SH. She looks the part, could have done ‘ok’ for TIG I suppose but she’s not real RCG material. I am not talking about her milquetoast physique either, the main issue is her utter lack of charisma combined with a nasty personality. This may very well have been to get back at BC for ingratiating himself with GC. If BC had won some awards HW would have helped him but with little to show for his efforts? HW couldn’t be bothered to fix the broken ShamWow.  

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