His Idea Anon:


Seriously, what if this was his idea…..

I’ve changed my opinion (at least for tonight until they do something desperate again) – I’m thinking this was all BC and Karon’s idea. HW would have had a plan and contingencies for when/if it wasn’t working. That never happened so maybe…..

Why do I think…

As you said, Notmybaby is the only ticket he’s got out of this mess. Even if he waits a bit before dropping that bomb, he may yet salvage his image. I know for a fact that Connedbatch would get a lot of sympathy. I do think HW had more to do with SH and the subsequent campaign blunders, it definitely wasn’t BC’s PR entirely. HW bought TIG distro rights in February ‘14 and that’s when the PR weirdness started. Now imagine if BC did agree to all the stupid things you just mentioned because SH knowingly lied about expecting his kid. Fate dealt him a merciful hand indeed, by having SH get up the duff by one of her other lovers instead. Getting rid of Notmybabymama is still going to be…troublesome. He can’t keep her on board for too long though, his health can’t take it. It doesn’t seem like they are even living together ATM and just look at him!

His Idea Anon:

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