Vía c-section? Too posh to push?




I don’t think there was any truth to what that anon was saying about the birth via c-section. 

She looks extremely healthy in the pictures I’ve seen of her but if she did in fact have a C-section It could have been recommended by her doctor for medical reasons. My sister in law is extremely healthy, but had to have a c-section because the baby was breech. 


Anon, I’m taking that ask with a huge box of salt.  When I see a screencap of the birth certificate, I’ll believe it. 

My dd was a C-section for the very reason Violet described above. 

We’ll just wait and see.  I can’t brew any tea without the leaves!


Singleton, induced at 1-2 weeks past due date most likely. Slight women with a shallow pelvis and weak abdominal muscles often look larger. Multiples are extra risky for older mothers. Unlikely as most doctors will not clear you to fly past 24 weeks in that case and SH was past that point during the Moneymoon. Multiple transcontinental flights? Speedboating? Something just doesn’t add up. They require a degree of prenatal care well above and beyond that of singletons. See this belly?:


It’s pretty darn big but she delivered at 41.5 weeks like SH must have…she had a small singleton. 

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