1/2 I am the anon who said I wouldn’t blame him if he were angry at fans. OF COURSE he and his PR know not all fans are calling his wife a trollop etc (newest one from the notes to my original post). Come on Eggsy, you are intelligent if anything, you know it’s not black and white. But if my husband had to suffer months and months of vicious lynching on the WORLD WIDE web because of my fans, I would feel terrible and quite torn. This level of vileness doesn’t come with the territory no more than

This ‘vicious lynching’ all began because SH got careless and began showing her true colors too soon. Then came not only BI calling her background into question, but a doctored resume and the damning testimony of many people, some of who work in the industry. Lie after lie about her past, their ‘relationship’, her cringeworthy treatment of BC etc. in public. Make no mistake SH is by most accounts a persona non grata, luckily she’s also a piss poor actress! The rush to change the deed, the push to buy more property? She is setting BC up big time, even my mom who isn’t into celebs said, “That woman despises him, I’ve seen that look before. She’s trying to secure as much as she can as quickly as possible. I don’t think she is going to tolerate him for very long.” 

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