I don’t envy any woman who marries a high-maintenance, clingy, needy man-child who needs constant attention and can’t be ignored for a second, behaves like the world revolves around him/only his feelings matter, and makes everything about him—where the partner (or even ‘friend’) is just an accessory to his life. If you’re into that kind of thing and you don’t mind being treated that way, congratulations to you and I hope you’re happy. I wish all the best to his current wife and kudos to Olivia.


Well stated. Olivia must have been a saint to have put up with him for as long as she did but as we know, they had many on/off periods in their relationship.

Given that SH is much the same way (cue RC tantrums) that bodes well for the ShamWow *snort*! Narcissists don’t tend to get along very well, “This relationship ain’t big enough for both of our egos!″. I said that BC had strong narc tendencies ages go, back when he was still likeable!

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