Psueds Corner mention of SH in Brits mag Private Eye. I guess they think she’s fake too





I just saw this one. 

Fans of Benedict Cumberbatch may see the star out and about in Co. Fermanagh this summer as his wife Sophie Hunter is heading to Ireland to direct a performance at the Happy Days: International Beckett Festival.

Sophie married The Imitation Game star on Valentine’s Day will also be directing a new production of Benjamin Britten’s last vocal work Phaedra.


Oh yeah, between two Hamlet performances, sure…

Hey, they gotta sell tickets somehow.  God, I hope they are no longer together by then.

What are they gonna do with their baby? She has no business jetting off to Ireland, she needs to stay home and raise that kid.

What is SH going to do with her baby you mean? With all the cash she’s fleeced from BC she can pay a nanny even if the ShamWow is over by then. Or she can have the baby’s real father stay home and take care of it.

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