this is what it says:

Dear Driver man

It was fun seeing Shanghai at the slow pace that you drove. It felt like I was walking through the city for the first time. I personally had the suspicion of my hair growing as we sped –NOT- through the city! Yours Benedict Cumberbatch x GREEN LIGHT GO! x

I have to admit, that this is really asshole-like to write this. Especially when now it is plastered all over the internet.  If I did not suspect him to be a douche yet, this pushed me right over. Such passive aggressiveness is disgusting for someone like him. Seriously if that was SUCH an issue, he could have told the man, not write a childish note.  His respect levels are dropping in free fall. But the nanny group I got this from said it was “sassy” and “funny”…. no dearies, it was plain nasty. But thank you for putting it in writing and showing the world!


Ballsy:   That’s
what I was seeing too.  Most are saying
that he’s “funny” and “cheeky”.   Even in
our camp.  But actually he’s having quite
the go at the driver – the “Hair growing as we sped – not” thing?  And the jab at the green light?  Hmmmmm, nope – I read it and cringed, it
might have been meant in good humour, but doesn’t come across that way.  And his handwriting is still shit.

lol that’s one of the biggest problems I had with it – his handwriting. You being a bitch and trying to hide your passive aggression behind your shitty handwriting? Or you have to write quickly bc you’re in such a “rush” after your slow ride? (Don’t write such a long bitchy message then, dumbass). Especially to someone I’m assuming reads English as a second language (as a learner of a language in an entirely different script, I know how hard handwritings can be to decipher). Asshole moves no matter what. ALSO! Let’s not forget how he’s always late to everything to begin with, so he’s not the master of being considerate of other people’s time.


Maybe ‘The Flash’ should stop hitting the snooze button repeatedly and leave earlier? BC makes me look punctual, he needs to keep it short and sweet or STFU. Whiny little…and WTF is that? Drunken Shorthand? Don’t worry, BC’s going to get one hell of a talking to by Marvel if he continues with this puerile attitude. He just keeps throwing more wood on that pyre, wait until someone like Lainey writes an article about it. Pissybatch is still present, BC’s not  ‘over the moon’ with SH, the Notmybaby etc. no matter how much he pretends otherwise. It’s getting to him, please let it end

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