Eyewitness account of a non-BC fan, describing Soperific as a fake, attention seeking, narcissistic brat at the last Letters Live. From celebitchy.

What happened to the demure snow flower? Oh please, anons have already told us enough to know that SH was busy last weekend putting on a show at LL in more ways than one. If the likes of DC was there, no wonder she dialed it up to 11! She tried to get the attention of all the real posh people there (who know she’s a poser)…by carrying on like Vicky Pollard *facepalm*. 

Normally she just sits there looking bored, eyes darting around the theater, rubbing her temples and/or falling asleep. She loves theater so much that she refused to go backstage to meet one of BC’s friends when they were still dating. No one changes that much. We’ve had multiple accounts that corroborate her real demeanor, the most recent one from the first few days of LL. She should have read a page out of the ‘Hypocrite Diaries’ instead of that contrite baby letter.

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