Did not say that the night SH was there.

If he goes overboard with the scolding it will only make him look like a twat. Not to mention that it encourages people to take more sneaky pics. I’d be tempted to invest in a nice pair of spy glasses myself…

Every celeb should wear something like this. :)))

Asking audiences to actually FOLLOW the rules makes *him* a twat?

Seems as if EVERYONE has entitlement issues lately.

But everyone does. Unless you’re at the Alamo Drafthouse, which is the only venue I know of that actually enforces those rules, everyone does feel entitled to use their phones. Everywhere. No matter what the rules say. I haven’t been able to see a live music show in the past seven years without the view obstructed by cell phones. It’s a fact of life now.
There are folks who handle that audience entitlement well, like Aziz Ansari, and there are folks who don’t. Complaining is not the most thoughtful way of handling it. It’s bad PR, in the most immediate sense.

And both sides look like whiny twats. It’s the same with the flowers mess. The very same people who whinged ON and ON and ON and ON about the flowers on BOTH sides are now putting forth surprised messages that Droopy and other guards are now on the scene.

The loudest bitch on both sides is that BC fans get a *bad rep* from media, and his people. Yet we STILL insist on the right to effectively *show our arses* and then act surprised when called on it. Or security gets stepped up.

It’s like watching kindergardeners slugging straight sugarwater, and tearing around a room.

Cause and Effect. A natural rule. Yet this group seems to insist it doesn’t exist, and once is forced to see that it exists, and can be implemented — the tantrums begin.

Seriously, the fandom has earned an END to the *easy access* they’ve had up to this point. As TPTB have probably been watching in horror at the threats of violence the Nannies have been making towards sceptics (and don’t kid yourself — they HAVE been watching) they are doing what they have to do to protect their interests.

The *protective wall* is going up BECAUSE of his *ardent* yet crazed fans.

And the thing that gets me: It’s not that hard to follow the rules.  It’s not like ‘no photos’, ‘no getting on stage’, etc. are new rules to the theatre industry.  Those are – the STANDARD – ANY theatre performance has these rules – even grade school productions. (Because the rules are set by the companies who own the royalties of the production being performed/shown and/or for the SAFETY of the actors and audience members alike.)

They should have event staff walk up to the offenders and remind them of the rules. Same goes for people who try to sneak into unauthorized areas, it’s not difficult to enforce at all. When performers on stage call someone out in the middle of a presentation it makes them look anal-retentive and petty. Bad for PR unless you do it right, AA is cool about it but BC’s just plain tetchy. After the staged pap shots? BC shouldn’t expect people to take his indignation over sneaky pics all that seriously. That’s unfortunately what happens when you lose your credibility, the public’s respect tends to go with it. 

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