Not sure if this is old news but if you look up “whoisgambles” liked on tumblr you can see what he has liked including this.

TFOE: It’s from a month ago…Guess Gambolas has been checking up for quite some time. Not to mention he’s deleted almost every other post on his page except for the one’s he has now.



Same again.


I wonder if the OP realizes that SH has done all of this:

-disrespecting BC (let me count the times…)

-disrespecting his choices (how about taking them all away!)

-disrespecting his decisions (see #2)

-trample on his reputation (stomping on it is more like it)

-make him out to be stupid (he gave in, ‘nough said)

-throw him in front of the proverbial bus (WHO is pushing his wheelchair ATM?)

HERSELF. Is it because she loves him? LOL, spin it all you want Squid+Ham! The truth of the matter still stands and skeptics stand firmly by that truth. SH wants to isolate BC from his entire support system for a reason, an awful reason as ‘dontcallmejane’ implied.

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