Please don’t reblog stuff from benedicts-third-testicle. They’re one of those crazies who believe that BC is being blackmailed by SH and that he’s suddenly acting like an arsehole because he’s suicidally depressed about being stuck in a fake relationship with a woman pregnant with someone else’s kid. Don’t encourage them.



okay thanks for the info :), I try to avoid those kind of people.. why the hell people think it’s a fake relationship? They are married + having a baby and clearly in love. Doesn’t it prove enough?

Oh, I almost can’t wait for this all to go down…

Oh for crying out loud, it’s not like we are making any of it up. Stannies like to forget that we have been getting a slew of BI from Enty regarding Squid as well as the testimony of people who know her and think she’s odious. But stannies still defend SH because according to their celeb-addled minds she’s BC’s angel (more like succubus) who can do no wrong. This is despite the fact that she is a known escort and social climber with a penchant for blackmail…because only blackmail would explain how decrepit BC’s looked since it began. 

He’s been hitting the bottle hard, campaign pressure? Haha, no. He’s had an insane work schedule for years. 5 months has done more damage to him than all those years combined? Award season ended almost a month ago! What has been the only new variable in his life equation? Oh yeah: SOPHIE HUNTER. So now he has to act both on and off the set. That will wear you down for sure. Repeat after me: This is not normal.

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