The Store is Closed. Why Are They Still Selling Stuff?




The Oscars were almost three weeks ago. Nobody would be interested in a piece on exactly how TIG lost so many awards now. While the DVD releases do need some publicity, the UK release was promptly steamrollered by the moneymoon, First Mate No Homo looking like he’s 60 in the…

Catering to the US market is the key thing here. US DVD release is coming up, that’s pretty important. KStew wasn’t over until that happened for the Twilight series either, so we have a precedent. Furthermore, BC needs the help of people like HW so that is a way of placating him after TIG’s less than stellar award results. Who knows? HW may lend BC a bit of a hand with Squid. I think both men are more than a little angry at her right now.

As I said before if we go by Enty’s BI BC can’t show his hand until Squid pops out Gamblesbaby. I think that is what he is waiting for to counter any smear campaign Squid might try to pull off. If BC were to out her right now it would turn into a public mudslinging contest, he said she said but with little to no proof. Some people still believe the baby is his so that would make BC look like he was trying to worm his way out of a PR marriage. Not good, I am positive that he wants the ShamWow to be over ASAP though.

If she is pregnant, which would be the weirdest pregnancy on record, he still needs a reason to ask for a paternity test.  It’s not like Gambles is another race, which would be obvious at birth.  So, why does the reason have to wait till she gives birth, or after?  Someone just needs to provide “evidence” to him that she’s a cheater…even the former escort thing…anything that would give him reason to suspect and warrant a paternity test.  It doesn’t have to be after the baby…he can leave her immediately, while offering to support the child, if it turns out to be his.  No one would think badly of him for it.  But, I now think the US DVD sales are part of it.  If you notice, the “loving husband” act has been ramped up, as have the blind items about her lying to him and running around behind his back.  I expect to see another one, probably on her birthday or the following day.  Especially if we see papped photos of the happy couple celebrating Mum’s day and her Birthday.  

Gator, remember that BI about the supposed ultrasound dates being off by a whole freaking month? I have a feeling that is going to come into play later on as proof that SH has been lying to BC through her teeth! That’s a damn good reason to ask for a paternity test ;).

The Store is Closed. Why Are They Still Selling Stuff?

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