Well we already knew she was at Hay and she’s in other photos in the background as Ben and Loo walked around, etc. The only new thing in those pics is how particularly lurkery she looks (and even that isn’t surprising). But yeah I think most of us assumed she was at Hay at HW’s orders as part of his plot anyway, so sure it makes sense she probably had her own plot all along.

I wonder why she was even asked to read letters, as she was living in the US at that time. So yes, it is a bit ‘odd’ so to speak to go to a literature festival in the UK… Especially when you were ‘out of jobs’ for a long while.

Well, the BI implied that HW hooked her up with BC. It does look like she was sizing him up before going in for the kill. Don’t know what her original plan was, maybe to win BC over. I doubt she would have been able to though, it would have been just a rc gf deal. Breakup not long after award season etc. But when Gamblesbaby happened that kicked her into overdrive, what you see are the disastrous results of a truly desperate plot. Let’s face it BC’s tanking, but SH’s public image isn’t looking too good either…

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