Piers Morgan on Eddie Redmayne: I him outside clutching his Oscar


Oh dear god, has Sophie got him saying “odious” now??? LOLOLOLOL

On a roll, I passed Benedict Cumberbatch on the way into dinner, an actor I’ve long admired on and off screen, and who my whole family, led by my mother, seem to adore.
Last year, I interviewed him on the Oscars red carpet and he couldn’t have been more friendly or charming.
So I assumed he would greet my appearance with the same warmth that had drawn him over to my CNN cameras 12 months ago.
‘Good luck tomorrow night, Benedict,’ I gushed. ‘Loved the movie.’
‘Thank you Piers,’ he replied, slightly less enthusiastically. ‘That’s kind of you to say.’
I walked on, then I turned back to see where my wife Celia was, and spotted Benedict and a bearded chap exchanging what looked like mocking glances at me.
Celia, who’d been standing right next to them at the time, looked bemused when she reached me.
‘Did you say something to upset Benedict?’
‘No, why?’
‘Because I’m fairly sure I just heard him say “ODIOUS man” about you, emphasising the first word and rolling out the “o” for good effect.’ I felt a dagger pierce my trusting heart.
‘Fairly sure, or certain?’
‘99.9%. It could have been “Oh, delicious man,” but I think we both know that’s unlikely.’
I looked back at Benedict who caught my eye then glanced away sheepishly.
I’ve no idea what might have provoked such new secret loathing.
Keira Knightley, his co-star in The Imitation Game, can’t stand me after I berated her a few years ago for constantly moaning about the press – and for saying she has the world’s most annoying pout, which is just an indisputable fact.
So maybe she poisoned his mind.
Or maybe Benedict’s just reached this verdict all by himself, which of course he’s perfectly entitled to do.
I’d just admire him rather more if next time, rather than shake my hand and exchange platitudes, he has the b**** to look me in the eye and say: ‘Go away Piers, you odious man.’

BC is becoming a bitter asshat who is taking his frustrations out on everyone it seems. Maybe he thought PM’s best wishes insincere and that rubbed him the wrong way? Still, that’s very bad form and what’s worse he got caught! I mean I think PM is annoying as fuck but that still doesn’t warrant BC’s reaction. BC is pissing off many people who could use their media connections to cause him a lot of grief. 

Piers Morgan on Eddie Redmayne: I him outside clutching his Oscar

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