A win for privacy ?

I was astonished to see this on a photo agency’s site (and I have blurred the inset picture).

Is this the first time that somebody has succeeded in removing paparazzi photos / photos that are a breach of privacy from a photo agency ?

If so, kudos for that !

However, the damage has already been done, as three major gossip sites have already published the story, and only one of them has removed the pictures of the Order of Service from their site.


This is a win for having the wrong information leak removed. The correct leaked order of service still is out there, unchallenged.

Woohoo. A win for privacy! *insert side eye here*

Oh Lord, they are making a big deal about the Order of Service? It doesn’t matter if the image is removed the information is now public! What difference does seeing it on stationary make? Photos of people I can understand, but this? Kind of pointless given that they tipped off everyone beforehand. So private, much damage control. Nah, this is just about quieting criticism for their blatant attention whoring. But you know what? It’s going to have the opposite effect! Because people are going to side-eye the hell out of it and echo what we are saying. I’m really close to losing it with BC…

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