@3:35 BC doesn’t need the vodka…he’s already tipsy on his own.

Oh my God… Out of curiosity, do we know if it was before the over-the-top PDA show or…? Either way, he clearly needed alcohol tonight, it seems. Wonder why…

Playing lovey dovey with the skunk while the eyes of your colleagues and the whole industry are on you is hard work not to mention his disgust towards her. I would have gotten loaded to, the whole time actually.

So BC was already tipsy from the get-go? Wow, no wonder he was able to pull it off so well. Beer or should I say Vodka goggles help when you have to act all loved up with someone you can’t stand. Even funnier that he asked for more booze before leaving the AA after party! He needs it to cope with Squid. Also compare the AA PDA to the minimal PDA shown the night before. HUGE difference = FAKE. 

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