“Hush hush Sherlock’s hitched to Sinatra hit.”

“My Funny Valentine”

*checks if that wedding could’ve gotten any cheesier* Yep.

Oh yes, his parents look about as ecstatic as he did.

Wait, the lyrics to that song aren’t all that romantic. It fits the Valentine Day theme but it’s a sappy tune that pokes fun at a woman’s physical imperfections and questions her intellect. It says that he accepts them regardless, implies affection but doesn’t speak openly of love.That’s a bit of an odd choice for someone you claim to care about so much. Also consider the ‘funny’ part, we know SH is boring and humorless, so who/what does the ‘funny’ apply to? Choosing that as the main song speaks volumes about BC’s true feelings. He thinks this whole setup is funny, he doesn’t love SH, isn’t impressed by her looks or her mind. I don’t think I am reading too much into this either. I doubt BC wanted something as trite as a Valentine’s Day wedding. Most of this was SH’s idea, so he got back at her.

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