UK is a member of the Hague Convention and the US is not. Because of this, there is still paperwork that is publicly available to be filled to make a valid marriage in the US from non citizens. They can’t get around any publicly available documents that are required.



Ok. No matter what even if there are pictures of something that happens I’ll have a very hard time believing it’s legal. He just can’t be that stupid or crazy. Does she have a video of him killing kittens or something??

Is this just more of that pre Oscar fuckery we were warned about? God! This thing is insanely exhausting. I really need to just step away until May or something.

I’ll be awaiting the faux-divorce then considering they aren’t going to be legally married. The general public wouldn’t know (they don’t fact check) and it makes it easier to get on with their lives later on. I used to think BC was above this duplicitous crap but now I’m not so sure.

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