If you have someone you love and you’re devoted to them and it’s a proper devotional love — as I do in my life — there’s nothing better than that tonic. First of all, you have your world between you and that person. But also, being devoted to that person takes you away from yourself. There’s someone more important. Not that that’s a reason to be in a relationship, but it’s a very healthy byproduct of it when you’re doing such an obsessional job as acting can be.

Benedict Cumberbatch on Sophie Hunter, Los Angeles Times, 29 January 2015  (via benophiedaily)

Wow, I am normally pretty good at parsing what BC says, but this just is leaving me scratching my head.   Any BC translators out there want to interpret this for me?

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Actually, he said something along those very lines in the interview where he supposedly makes SH laugh in the car (also around PSFF). On repeat!

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So it WAS WSJ. I knew it! Here you go BC:


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