See, THAT’S what proper relationship with fans looks like.

RDJ has been to the actual bottom in his life and he knows how to value the love and support from people all over the globe and embrace the fact that without them he wouldn’t be in the position he is today.
Sure as hell he’s talented and had the right jobs, but his open image and his giving nature were what got him to shine so much and truly value the importance of caring about public feedback.

Posting this because it’s relevant, we have someone whose entire hype and chain of new works happened because of his “crazy fans” and he seems to use every possible chance he gets to distance himself from the ones who made him what he is today.
If it weren’t for the absurd RL and Online following he has, he wouldn’t be so appealing to half the jobs he’s taken since Sherlock. He’s cast because they know he’ll bring a faithful public along. If they just wanted a talented british guy they could find lots of less arrogant ones to deal with.

That’s RDJ’s cool way of telling BC to take a seat. DeTHRONE as in knock BC down a couple pegs for carrying on like a fucking Windsor. How do you think Benny boy is going to feel when he reads that? Like crap, don’t diss your fans stupid. I love ya Iron Bro!

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