Media Darling and Fired Cyber Security Chief Chris Krebs Is a Deep State Operative – The New American

He “slipped” on 60 Minutes…

Media Darling and Fired Cyber Security Chief Chris Krebs Is a Deep State Operative – The New American

Cynthia Erivo to Star in African Princess Film, With Benedict Cumberbatch Producing



awesome, something to look forward to!

My, there’s a sudden flurry of Cumberbatch news! Isn’t that exciting! (Unlike the pap Ops)

Until you read between the lines and realize that Adam is allied with SoFail. The Weibo BS was the result of him convincing Benedict to “cooperate” with her for a crosspromotion 🤦. It’s a pattern with that idiot and this article is worded identically to the one about Claire Foy’s project. In both cases the SunnyMarch people that would be actively involved are Clarke and Ackland. Ben’s name and EP title is merely being used to lure investors and as clickbait. A bit disingenuous given the slew of properties they’ve already got in Development Hell. How many firms are they going to stiff out of millions by the time their little charade unravels, eh?

Cynthia Erivo to Star in African Princess Film, With Benedict Cumberbatch Producing

First trailer for The Mauritanian features Benedict Cumberbatch’s singularly awful Southern accent



Benedict Cumberbatch’s awful accent as military prosecutor, Lt. Col. Stuart Couch in trailer for The Mauritanian is the worst Hollywood Southern accent since Forrest Gump
Lainey, who used to love Ben, railed him on the accent. 

And we all know she gets paid to share a certain opinion. But, she’s also Canadian, so what the fuck does she know about Southern Accents. She probably thinks there’s only one kind.

This is so lame. B is a great actor, so some people are trying to find something to pick at. Same thing was said about his accent in Doctor Strange, which was fine (apart from a few tiny slips). Give it a rest, already. I’m very excited about this film.

I’ll tell you what’s lame, the fact that Stans and Benedict’s Dollar General Team still refuse to see the rotting PR elephant in the room because let’s face it folks, this fauxmance was DOA. The truth is that SoFail’s non-stop fuckery is interfering with Benedict’s ability to perform. Ask yourselves why he did a much better job in August: Osage County despite being more inexperienced. He didn’t have to worry about that toxic slag’s demands and was entirely free to focus on honing his craft which includes working on regional accents. Ask yourselves why the press was a lot more forgiving towards him before? Because the errors he did make were small, they had a lot more respect for him then and are now as fed up with the ShamCircus as we are!

First trailer for The Mauritanian features Benedict Cumberbatch’s singularly awful Southern accent

Fandango on Twitter


So we’re those pics dropped the other day her “payment” for now Awards season?

Enty already laid out how the tit for tat PR works in their contract. WTF is it still in effect? SoFail’s literally broken every clause. Her ridiculous stunts only detract focus from his work and make him look like an absolute clown!

Fandango on Twitter

James Woods exposes dozens of local news shows reading from the same (Biden) script



This time, with a video that effectively raises the chilling reality that local TV news across the country has been co-opted into dutifully mouthing the same scripts, written to indoctrinate the public with leftist propaganda.  In this case, beware of “disinformation” (from you know who), cloaked in self-righteousness.  By combining the voices of multiple TV broadcasters on their respective stations into a chorus, with a collage of their images, this tweet exposes a genuine scandal in an impactful way.

Mockingbird Media  –  Why did they lie to us? 

James Woods exposes dozens of local news shows reading from the same (Biden) script

Secret Germany Raid Reveals CIA Ties to US Election Fraud


This information could also explain why Defense Secretary Mark Esper was terminated by President Donald Trump last week. 

We know that Dominion and SmartTech are two companies that have
played a roll in manipulating vote ballot fraud in key swing states in
the 2020 U.S. presidential election. These are foreign companies.

This report from GreatGameIndia provides additional insite:

Days after it was revealed how 2020 US Elections were rigged by
Canadian Crown Agent Dominion Voting Systems through a so-called
“glitch”, now GreatGameIndia has found involvement of another dubious
foreign company in US Election meddling.

The votes cast by Americans were counted by a bankrupted Spanish company Scytl in Spain.

Like Dominion Voting Systems, Scytl has a long history of
election fraud in various nations including injecting backdoors in its
election software.

The issue has prompted experts to question why the sensitive job
of counting votes was outsourced to a foreign company? How could a
bankrupted Spanish company count American votes in Spain? Due to such
widespread fraud, the Chairman of the US Federal Election Commission
Trey Trainor believes that the 2020 US Presidential Elections is

Texas representative Louis Gohmert ® confirmed the US military
conducted a raid on the server headquarters of the now-bankrupt Scytl
company in Barcelona, Spain.

The Gateway Pundit, a reliable news organization that often corrects the lies of mainstream media propaganda, reported:

The US government, once they determined that this Dominion server
was involved in switching votes, then the intelligence community began a
search for the server and discovered that the server was in Germany.

In order to get access to that server and have it available for
use in a legal manner they had to have the State Department work in
tandem with the Department of Justice. They had to request that the
government of Germany cooperate in allowing this seizure of this server.

The appropriate documents required to affect that kind of seizure
were put in place, signed off on, and it appears there was also US
military support in this operation. The US military was not in the lead.

This helps explain why Esper was fired and retired Green
Beret Christopher Miller and Kash Patel were put in place — so that the
military would not interfere with the operation in any way.

By getting ahold of the server they now are going to have the
direct evidence of when they were instructed to stop counting. They will
also discover who gave the direction to stop counting and who initiated
the algorithm that started switching votes. The CIA was completely
excluded from this operation.

Now enters WikiLeaks. On Tuesday, WikiLeaks released 8,761 documents showing specific details of secret CIA hacking.

This included “malware, viruses, trojans, weaponized ‘zero day’
exploits, malware remote control systems and associated documentation.”

These leaks may have revealed “that a top secret CIA unit
used the German city of Frankfurt am Main as the starting point for
numerous hacking attacks on Europe, China and the Middle East.“

A German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, reported “the building
was known to be home to a vast network of intelligence personnel
including CIA agents, NSA spies, military secret service personnel,
Department of Homeland Security employees and Secret Service employees.”

It reported “the Americans had also established a dense network of outposts and shell companies in Frankfurt.“

Additional leaks are indicating the CIA may have used this
foreign data center to hack the US elections. But one thing
interfered–they got caught.

This could be the reason the CIA was kept completely out of the
Germany server raid operation. Could this have been the server farm that
ran the remote Dominion hacking operation the night of the election?

Trump attorney Sidney Powell, being  interviewed live Friday by Lou Dobbs on Fox Business,
described “staggering statistical evidence” and “staggering witness
testimony” about the criminal election fraud that was carried out across
America. She adds, “If you want to talk about foreign election
interference, we certainly have it now.”

Sidney told Lou’s audience about the Hammer and Scorecard software that was used to steal Trump votes in Michigan.

“They need to investigate the likelihood that 3% of the vote total
was changed in the pre-election voting ballots that were collected
digitally by using the Hammer program and the software program called
Scorecard,” Powell said. “That would have amounted to a massive change
in the vote. It would have gone across the country and it explains a lot
of what we’re seeing.”

President Trump has been laying fairly low since the election, giving
few press conferences or speaking out publically. But when he did speak
to reporters at the White House, it was sobering for many in the room:

No wonder Haspel’s started packing and po-faced Brennan looks spooked!

Secret Germany Raid Reveals CIA Ties to US Election Fraud