Honey, get help. Seriously. I’m concerned about you. Get help and get off the toxicity that is social media. Concentrate on your family and your work. You’ll feel so much better! You live in an area with great weather! Drive up to Point Reyes and take a hike when you feel like getting online. You’re a beautiful young woman- take care of yourself by walking away from all this nonsense. Wishing you the best.

Yeah, you’re the same troll that told me to kill myself a few weeks ago. Remember that, you bloody hypocrite? Why don’t you go jump off a cliff? You’ve so much concern for my well-being that you lot call me and send physical hate mail to my house! That would make anyone feel unwell but I’m not responsible for any of this, you are. Do you honestly think that you are going to silence me now by sweettalking me? I won’t be censored on my own blog, if what I post bothers you that much GTFO and take your two-bit reverse psychology with you.