Aw, look at you still thinking that Ben’s PR has a word to say on every article written about him. You really like to show how stupid you are don’t you? What did Ben say about the haters again? Ah yes, he called you lot crazy, scary, delusional stalkers. I wondered why you hated that review and then I noticed it’s a great one. And since you want all his projects to fail, it’s no wonder why you’re so riled up about it.


Where do I begin?

Articles don’t commission themselves nor do writers just decide to talk up someone at random, you fucking idiot. Reviews, articles and blurbs are generally requested by someone in Publicity and/or Marketing to promote a client. This includes specific talking points which can range from subtle to ham-handed as in this case. This particular writer tried too hard to be “hip” while dissing a whole SM platform. I can think of many more positive reviews that actually did the film justice without making sweeping generalizations about it’s target audience. FFS even Doctor Strange fans complained 🤦‍♀️…

It looks like Ben’s Dollar General Team is miffed because they now have to promote what truly matters, his work. Thanks for the backhanded compliment y’all but you should know better than to paint the entire fandom with the same brush. Not everyone on Tumblr is a fawning Nanny or a psycho Uberstan, K? The only reason why you call Skeptics annoying is because you think we ask too many hard questions 😒.

PS: I’m not blaming you, Benedict.


Enty coming HARD for you, Benedict.

LOL! Someone’s mad. The Rat’s cockblocked SoFail’s BS, she’s is in it for herself and bitch what kids?!? You faked everything! The loaners you fraudulently registered to shake more money out of Benedict are props that you throw to the nanny once photo ops are over. You DGAF about them or anyone else for that matter! Now you are telling people that Benedict isn’t a performer anymore? As your doormat in the ShamWow you mean? Because he’ll still kick ass as Doctor Strange and I’m sure he did well in TPODT. Despite your best efforts to sabotage Sherlock S5 will happen. Oh and WTF kind of performer are you? You can’t act or sing and one of your Johns said you couldn’t even whore! Lying POS…