Incestuous collusion, mutual back-scratching, under the table wheeling and dealing, nepotism and clique allegiance are intrinsic principles of the modern art world.

Sophy Burnham

I don’t care who’s a “pivotal figure in modern art.” The definition of what is art and what is not has become totally arbitrary. The same piece of work could be art or trash nowadays, it depends on the opinion of a closed circle of “experts.” I rather make up my own mind if I’m impressed by art or not instead of blindly obeying to the opinions of “authorities.”



I will add that contradicting a bunch of self-styled cultural mandarins is not “snobbery”. It’s called getting back to basic craftsmanship by applying objective standards to art. That tends to produce work of far higher quality than the detritus being churned out by the circle jerk that is the modern art world. I am specifically referring to the mainstream modern art world btw. I like to call their collective madness the Frankfurt school of thought. After all these are the same “geniuses” who introduced us to the splendor of atonal music…