That’s a start, can’t reveal too much at once or you’ll scare the Normies. Now tell us something we don’t know

You are NOT James Bond

Recall how BC buttered up Matt Damon publicly, he’s ambitious so I doubt it was purely out of admiration. Fair enough, BC wanted a leg up in the industry but that’s not all he got. Later on, the very same MD also stood by while HW steamrollered over BC and made excuses for him during #MeToo, nice. See, to work in/for Intel in any capacity you have to be both cunning and discreet but as MF himself explained BC is like the opposite of that. Furthermore the CIA etc. have undergone a major housecleaning under the current admin which doesn’t bode well for the pro-Killary faction that ran the show. Ran as in past tense…Ben WTF did you get yourself into? You should have stuck to acting. Now you are overmedicated, looking like a concentration camp victim and going along with your stupid PR handlers like an MKd zombie. Beta bunny is out of the bag…


PS: Comet SoFail is a walking liability. She’s no ‘asset’, never has been.