Gainsbour called a woman a whore because she was in a few porn films, he said she’s a whore because she had genuine sex relations in front of a camera…his own daughter was in a film titled antichrist. I let you google the rest.



This critique of the JB+SG phenomenon is quite accurate and reflects many of my own views: The Cult of Mediocrity: Jane Birkin, Serge Gainsbourg and the Medio-cultural 

Again incest and pedophilia is a recurring theme. Feast your eyes on this while you are at it:

JB’s first marriage was to British composer John Barry who promptly divorced her. He was her polar opposite in that he was both talented and intelligent. JB later went to France and took up with composer Serge Gainsbourg. She became his lover and ‘Muse’ for a time despite the fact that her breakthrough hit was inspired and first performed by none other than Brigitte Bardot. JB’s only claim to fame was that she was pretty enough to latch on to famous men. She had a breathy, unremarkable voice and a penchant for racy scenes on film. It’s little wonder that SoFail admires her despite not being closely related…