I doubt Marcus or anyone from SH is still involved. Why endanger his ability to make money for her? She served her purpose. He seems smart. She can’t give him anything now. But I gurantee JM is still behind the scenes somehow.


Oh Soho is tangled in their somehow.  MA sitting quiet thinking no one will notice his part…good luck with that!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Especially considering he’s part of the Gay Mafia and has been caught helping both SoHoes…

Funny how all the people out to get Ben are either gay, Jewish or liberals. It’s the same scapegoats that are used by the alt-right for their conspiracy theories. Oh wait, that’s not a coincidence at all. Your pal Aeltri is a fucking Nazi who thinks BLM is a terrorist organization. But you hate Ben so much that you don’t care about it. You’re pathetic and a sorry excuse for a human being. STFU and delete your blog.


Who said they are all gay, liberal or Jewish? Some are garden variety jerks who are looking to get money out of him or jobs. So I’m not sure what you are trying prove here?

Do you want me to pull up photos of SoFail’s ancestor partying with actual Nazis? Funny how Eddie’s white and super posh, Tobias is also white and so is Cillian. That’s a lot of white privilege you’re conveniently ignoring. Their behavior is hateful, you idiot. They are a bunch of catty and jealous assholes who, as closeted gay men, should know better than to victimize Benedict. They despise him and allied with SoFail because of that. I was told as much by an inside source. Next thing you know you’ll be defending death eaters like Sabbatean-Frankist Mandy and Spacey the Nazi simply because they too are gay. They are all card-carrying Satanists BTW.

BLM is not what it appears to be, it’s alliance with AntiFa is a literal red flag. Both are feeder and laundering orgs for shady political interests. Did you even listen to what Chaziel, an actual ex BLM organizer, said? Of course not because you are racist and tone-deaf yourself! BLM wasn’t founded by black people, it isn’t even run by black people at the highest levels for the good of black people. GTFO with your virtue signalling BS.

Tobias Menzies reveals mother would not approve of role in The Crown


It looks like more roaches are crawling out of the woodwork:

The Crown star Tobias Menzies has lent his support to Meghan Markle suggesting that a public attachment to ‘an older idea of femininity’ is behind her teething pains as a royal. The 45-year-old, from north London, who stars alongside Olivia Colman in the latest series of the Netflix drama,  said that a traditional view of women royals being seen and not heard has led to some friction for the American former actress. ‘These roles really illuminate where we’re at with gender politics,’ he said. Adding: ‘What’s going on now with Meghan and the tabloid press seems pretty full-on.’

Gender Politics? Because the world can’t get enough gusty women…give me a fucking break Tobias! The public dislikes Markle because she’s a narcissistic cunt much like your other friend Sophie Hunter.

They are also alike in that they are obsessed with exposure but try to censor people when it backfires.

One would think as a Brit actor playing the role of the second most senior member of the BRF that TM would side with them or at the very least keep quiet. Then again, we know all about Menzies and he knows on which side his avocado toast is buttered. It stands to reason that as one of SoFail’s shady allies he also has a duty to defend Maggot because SoHoes stick together!


He was at the ShamWedding courtesy of Team Soso, ‘nough said.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgot about you either. It’s so dark in that Soho walk-in closet, why don’t you come out already?

Tobias Menzies reveals mother would not approve of role in The Crown

The Lavender Lads

I think I figured out what might be going on. Cillian Murphy is a privately private Actor but more than one person noted how cuddly he is with Jamie Dornan:


IMO Cillian pings, all it takes is one look at his beard. It leaked that Jamie is closeted and that Amelia is bearding for him too. We also know that he and Eddie Redmayne are an item:


Markus ‘Queen’ Anderson, Soho House pimp extraordinaire, is even godfather to their kids! So in conclusion all appear to be members of the infamous Gay Mafia to some degree whose top dogs include nasties like Mandelson and Spacey. Boy, do those poofters ever have it in for Benedict


Read the comments about Spacey’s implied threat to the BRF. Remember how Anon said that he enabled SoFail to get back at BC? What if Spacey’s also involved in the Harkles con along with Markus etc? What has become clear to me is that the Gay Mafia is running one hell of a racket…

Obama’s gay Stasi constitute an independent hub of presidential power outside the intelligence nexus, insidiously collecting sensitive personal information and compromising photos or video on senators, congressmen, bureaucrats, intel chiefs, governors, bankers, corporate executives, media moguls, celebrities and anybody who might threaten the president’s absolutist power. With it’s network of informers and pimps, and entrapment schemes, Obama’s inner circle can blackmail nearly anybody who counts, as demonstrated by the ruling class unanimity on the big lie of “fake news".