Hey Gambles

Really, bitch? Collect calls from county jails and lame text-to-speech BS? We know who it’s from OK? Do you think we’ve forgotten about those love letters y’all sent us as well? It doesn’t look like you finished wiping that Isle of Wight mud off your boots after all…


“Yeah, that income stream is assured now, huh?” LOL!

aeltrileaf: THE VISIONARIES: Nick Jones, Soho House founder It’s Nick Jones bitch and lookee who the interviewer is! Hey Speshul K, word’s out that you like to push your weight around and have even tried to get former friends canned. I don’t think you’d appreciate…

STFU Gambles

Janet Fong is the undisputed Queen of the Stalkerinas. No one else racks up hundreds of thousands of frequent-flyer miles just to watch BC give a 15 minute interview live. No one. I can barely sit through one play, many of these loons saw BC’s Hamlet 10X. Renting flats in his nabe and camping outside of his fucking house at the crack of dawn? That’s stalking. You won’t see any of us eating or drinking BC’s leftovers either, that’s just sick. My point is that JF obviously makes BC uncomfortable and that as his #1 stan he should just tell her how he really feels, nicely. He needs more security alright but not because of us law-abiding Skeptics, oh no. I don’t know WTF you carved into his scalp last year but that’s ample proof that y’all are dangerous criminals. Oh and your plan to use P2P trolls like TOBY to pit all of us against one another? Fell flat. That matter was clarified…that’s all you’re getting :X.


Wrong Gentile

Unlike your friend and/or hooker of choice, SoFail. That’s a shiksa you putz, so put your mindless insults on a matzo and choke on it. Does your ‘degree’ look like this?: