This was not the British Royal Family doing, it was Meghan Markle


This was not the British Royal Family doing, it was Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is the one that initiated this attack on the blogs, one thing a Narc can’t stand is the truth.  If she took the advice of Serena Williams,  then she is using her crisis management.

Why use crisis management?   The royal family has always used Don’t explain, Don’t complain, she opened pandora box now she does have some explaining to do.   I think this bad move of using personal…

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She went there…Maggot everyone knows you are lying OK? Just keep quiet until the surrogate or adoption agency hands you that baby. SoFail tried using the same tactic early on because she too is a raging narc made of lies. It didn’t go too well for her…



What happen to IT’s belly?

These are Kensington Palace IG story pictures that have been removed. I got them from the DM article on IT. IT’s belly went from a beer gut to a balloon belly within minutes, LMAO!!! I can’t with her!!!


I’m done. Belly is fake af.

Welcome to this side of the fence @countesscuriosity 👍👍👍 😊

Note the belly has gone from rugby ball with the pointy end sticking out in the top pic to a flattened wedge shape in the second. 

I’m actually starting to feel quite sorry for her.  😂😂😂



Woohoo!! FAB!!!😂😂

Shoutout to @the-charlatan-duchess and @HMQueenDani

Meghan Markle’s pregnancy is a big topic of speculation, and there is a good reason. Eagled-eyed fans of the British Royal Family spotted many inconsistencies in the size of Markle’s “magic baby bump.” Even same day photos of the baby bump seemingly show it “appear and disappear.” Could Meghan be pulling a stunt the monarchy may not recover from? We have all the pictures causing the uproar as the Queen takes action behind the scenes. Don’t miss this.

Is Meghan Markle really pregnant? That’s the question so many royal fans are asking as photos show the “magic baby bump” appear and disappear within hours, along with the size appearing to magically go from large to small. The subject of a fake pregnancy has been circulating for quite some time.

“Meghan Markle’s pregnancy remains questionable to some netizens. One user shared on Twitter several photos of the Duchess of Sussex taken on the same day, but her baby bump appeared to be in different sizes. In one photo, Prince Harry and Markle walked hand in hand as they departed and Markle’s stomach isn’t that visible. Shockingly, in another shot, Markle’s tummy seems bigger upon arrival,” International Business Times reported

“#MeghanMarkle’s magic baby bump. This is obviously normal,” the caption for the photos read posted by Twitter user “HMQueenDani.” But there’s so much more.

Meghan and husband Prince Harry just revealed the potential due date which is making the internet sleuths question even more if the former Suits star is pulling a fast one. During the couple’s visit to the town of Birkenhead on Monday, the 37-year-old divorcee divulged to the crowd her due date which was previously known only as “Spring 2019.”

“We asked her how her pregnancy was going and she said she was six months and she tapped her tummy,” well-wisher Carla Gandy from nearby Wallasey, who was there with her 4-year-old daughter Sofia, tells PEOPLE.

Meghan told others gathered in Hamilton Square that she’s due in late April. The former D-list actress has been the subject of gossip ever since she reported she was pregnant. There were rumors the 37-year-old American admitted to friends she wasn’t sure if she could get pregnant. And with pictures like the three side by side below, taken only one day apart, many eagle-eyed fans of the Royal Family claim she is wearing what’s called a “moon bump,” and then takes it off.

Social media users were getting upset Meghan was cradling her baby bump all the time. Many said it seemed unnatural and strange, and anti-Meghan internet users were going after her. “We know you are pregnant. You can stop holding onto the bump with both hands now. It won’t fall off,” read one remark, reported Daily Mail.

“Meghan Markle needs to desperately stop holding her baby bump because it’s not as if everyone doesn’t already know,” said another. “She’s such an actress,” added a third person. But that only fueled the fire that maybe she was holding onto the “moon bump” scared it would fall out of place.

The other thing that fueled the “moon-bump” rumors is when Meghan announced she is leaning toward having a home birth. “The Duchess of Sussex wants to have a home birth,” MSN reported. “She is a huge advocate of home births, but British royals are expected to give birth at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in London,” an anonymous source claimed. “Meghan doesn’t want what she calls a ‘medicalized’ birth, and instead wants to have a pool set up in a relaxing environment.”

Last May, just before the Sussexs tied the knot, Radar Online reported they were seeing a fertility doctor. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry saw fertility doctors in the months before their big wedding, Radar Online has exclusively learned.

“Harry and Meghan want to get pregnant as quickly as possible after their wedding,” the source told Radar. “They both know that as Meghan gets older, it can get increasingly harder to conceive – and they are both keenly aware of her vulnerability to health complications and the chance of miscarriage the older she gets.” Here are two pictures of Meghan one month apart. According to these pictures, the baby bump appears to be getting smaller:

Then, there is the debacle about how Meghan announced she was pregnant. Usually, the Queen is told and consulted about how the press will be notified of a royal pregnancy. But, the Hollywood leftist decided to upstage the Queen’s granddaughter’s wedding day causing many courtiers of the Royal family to comment: “Megahan always has to be the center of attention.

“Although Harry and Meghan waited until Monday [October 15] to go public with the pregnancy news, they did tell senior royals on Friday – the day of Princess Eugenie’s wedding,” the BBC reported.

The official Kensington Palace Twitter feed, which many say Meghan controls, popped up with announcements she was pregnant a few times after the May wedding and then those “false alarms” were suddenly deleted. Royal watchers found that really odd, along with this tweet which shows her baby bump just four days apart. The red coat pic was taken on January 14th, the black dress pic was taken on January 10th:

Palace sources say the Queen has been mum about discussing the pregnancy, but she has taken action. By now, Her Majesty should have decreed the children of Meghan and Harry would enjoy royal titles. But that’s not going to happen.

What makes Meghan so upset is that six months before Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her firstborn son, George, Queen Elizabeth had issued the royal decree or the “Letters Patent,” which ensured all of Kate’s children with Prince William would be given the title of “Royal Highness.” The Queen hasn’t done the same for Meghan’s baby.

And, a palace source told Mad World News, “Her Majesty was dismayed that devotees of the Royal Family think Meghan’s pulling a stunt with this pregnancy. The Queen is mortified. Staffers are saying it certainly will be the last straw for the new Duchess if this is all a ruse.”

Many think the Queen should know what’s really going on, but Her Majesty tries to give as much privacy as she can to the younger adult royals. “Palace gossip is Meghan is using a surrogate and talked Harry into keeping her secret,” a source told Mad World News. “Others say she had invitro fertilization, but the changing baby bump does cause one to pause. No one knows what to believe.”

People don’t like being fooled. There is no shame in infertility. If Meghan and Harry decided together to use a surrogate, then just be honest. But one thing is certain, if Meghan is caught in a ruse pregnancy, the British Monarch will make sure Meghan is gone. It would be a breach of trust with the British people, and Meghan would be relegated as a persona-non-grata, a stain on the 1,000-year-old Monarchy.

The Crown has survived many things, and it will survive Meghan Markle. Queen Elizabeth is the longest living monarch in British history and you can bet when the time is right Her Majesty will eliminate any threat that may blemish the name of the House of Windsor.

Great job!  Excellent!😊

SoFail be all, “Bitch, I did the fake belly malfunction first! How dare you steal my signature look?” My initial suspicions seem to be correct in that BC served as a trial run for PH, this is the same type of con run by the same Cabal aligned crime syndicate folks.