So if Sarah Everard had been killed on the 4th, would you think her murder is real? Or are you acting like a fucking bitch because her killer is a white police officer? Because I bet your racist ass would say something very different had the killer been a POC. You’re trash Adriana, no wonder no one likes you.

You can’t accuse me of “racism” while simultaneously basking in your white privilege, you twat. BTW I’m far better liked than you. Political puppeteers are notorious for taking a tragic event real or staged to stir up trouble. I’m seeing the same type of protests by the same type of so-called feminist NPOs cause mayhem in Mexico at the same time. Coincidence? Hardly. BLM isn’t an effective front in countries with fewer black people so they had to try something else. Follow the money, it’s an international subversive campaign. No one is denying that women tend to be the victims of certain types of crimes more often and that something should be done about that. What I’m trying to get people to understand is that MSM does not get involved like this unless they are pushing an agenda…

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