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The CA small businesses are going out of business while Newsam and Garcetti are letting big companies have outdoor activities? Well, sad but so what? I have little sympathy for CA small business owners. That’s what happens when you have one party system in a state. Who create this situation? Who vote for the same people and the same policies over, and over, and over again? Take responsibilities for your actions.


Many Californians stopped voting for the Dims a while ago but those shysters are trying to stay in power by cheating. A lot of people are getting mad over the fact that their industries are crippled by restrictions while showbiz is being shown preferential treatment. It is being treated like an essential business when it clearly is not. London “Falling Bridge” Breed also got caught pulling a Newsom at the French Laundry, they’ve no shame. On a happier note I saw that a local ABC station highlighted the Recall Newsom campaign. Good, it needs to gain as much traction as possible. That’s what happens when you shut Disneyland down and put half of Anaheim out of work!

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