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#7 looks really familiar…if that’s what it is? You will pay for your barbarity.

I am disgusted

I’m enraged:

We know Sophie Hunter and her minions did this to him. 

Speaking of yourself in the 3rd person? That’s some DID shit right there! GAME OVER bitch.

Here, look at Satanic Symbol #7. These twisted occultists are obsessed with such symbols which is why it is said that these will be their downfall. Is Maggot a pedovore? From what I’ve heard? Yes and so is SoFail. They are escorts hired to gather kompromat and to blackmail high-profile targets. They form part of Jeffrey Epstein’s extended network which is deeply Satanic in nature. With regard to child trafficking orgs, those tend to use their own set of symbols like spirals:

Some troll just said, “iF A CuLt wAs tO BrAnD YoU, tHeY SuRe aS HeLl wOuLd wAnT To dO It sOmEwHeRe yOu cAn sEe iT. nOt oN SoMeOnEs sCaLp wHeRe yOu cAn oNlY SeE ThE BrAnD WhEn tHeY ShAvE ThEiR HeAdS.” ORLY? Is that why NXIVM did this?:

Or why some run-of-the-mill human traffickers do this?:

Those marks aren’t recruitment ads you moron, they are subtle and made to be covered up easily. They often identify the victim’s ‘owner/s’ and serve as a physical reminder of verbal threats, to intimidate them into compliance.

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