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The DM is after him. In the Lamda article they are clearly asking, where is the new baby. Describing Zero far enough in the preg by september (blossoming bump, crossed arms atop her tummy), then saying “the arrival will be their third child”. They are waiting for the overdue announcement.



Well it’s obvious from the Paris Pics, that ship has sailed. (Or pilo has been fluffed). But l, interesting that the DM is pushing that.

Dumb SoHoe is dumb, those Fail hackpieces can run up to 50K a pop. Given the runaway investor and her drug habit? That’s money she can’t afford to waste and that’s exactly what she just did because no one GAF. She’s so dumb in fact that it didn’t register that the Sunday BI was a warning from TPTB to stop with the CopyPasta or else. She’ll see 😈…

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