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Bit late to the party but huge congrats to Alice for her BAFTA win! Since everyone’s talking about BC I think it’s very telling that in a company that has no problems with nepotism that Zero has never had any role in any of SunnyMarch’s projects. Her sister-in-law got her book proposed as a project and yet Zero has had no acting roles, no directing roles, no production creds, no design creds of any kind and the only association she’s had with the company is that she’s leaking money via BC.



Amen. Although if that blind is correct, she is in the payroll. And siphoning funds from the company.

You know what I suspect based on that PR generated Twitter BI? That there is some truth to the rumors about that shady Malay? investor but there’s more to it IMO. I’ve seen this maneuver firsthand before and it involves multiple dishonest parties bleeding a small company dry before purposely driving it into the ground. It’s always at the expense of the main investor/s, in this case Ben. So the guilty party is made up of Adam, Alice and SoFail by proxy as well? Great 🙄!

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