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I’m sceptical towards this stanism stuff. But, taken for granted there are countless pieces of jewelry and SoFail is wearing symbolic jewelry two times in a row, is hardly likely a coincidence. I can’t deny that. Fact is, there are a lot of sick and dangerous people out there and SoFail sure is one of them.


Oh, these cults are very real, they are well organized and as such they wield a lot more power than the general public realizes. Nasty stuff which is why assorted psychopaths tend to gravitate towards that belief system. When you study occultism for a quarter of a century, as I have (it’s a hobby) you learn to recognize their tells. Takes one to know one I suppose but unlike SoFail I am not a fan of the LHP. The eyehurtingly hideous sun umbrella she used at the ShamBaptism? Was symbolic. As for the jewelry, recall the spider brooch she wore at the NYC DS premiere and the bird claw clutch that she showed off at the Valentino Fashion show she went to with Anna Wintour. I’ll let you in on a little open secret, they are all involved in that. That’s why you see the same names appear together again and again. They favor their own…

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