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7 Signs of Emotional Intelligence



We all know what an IQ (intelligence quotient) is and that most of us fall within the average range. We use names like “smart,” “intelligent,” “dumb,” “idiot,” and “stupid,” when talking about a person’s level of intelligence. What most people do not know is that we also possess an EQ (emotional quotient) or EI (emotional intelligence) which is our level of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is difficult to measure in numbers because it is that “thing” inside us that recognizes emotions in ourselves and others, then guides us to respond. Understanding emotions may seem unimportant or trivial but in fact, it is the opposite.  In fact, it is widely believed by experts that a person’s level of emotional intelligence may be a better predictor of success and overall happiness than their IQ.

What is emotional intelligence?

Having a high level of emotional intelligence means you can accurately express your feelings and take responsibility for them. People often say things like, “You hurt my feelings,” and “You shouldn’t have,” which puts blame on the other person for the way you feel.  A person with high EI realizes…


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