The reason why Ben hasn’t got after you lot is simple: he’s not as stupid as you. He knows full well that the thing you crave the most is attention and he just refuses to play your game. Your “opinions” about him and his family have no traction outside your little hate circle. Why would he change that and give you any attention? That’s what’s driving you mad isn’t it, that he doesn’t want to recognize your pathetic little existence. You’re a nobody to him and always will be.



Someone is butthurt

We aren’t supply-hungry narcs like SoFail and with regards to our opinions, they have plenty of traction because they are based on facts. FYI, the ShamFam is as real as this ‘relationship’ which is to say it’s fake AF. Sorry Nan, you’ve been played by PR and if you can’t see the prosthetics in these photos I can’t help you. You also don’t seem to understand that BC isn’t the target but rather his victimizers which include SoFail. Turns out a good number of people are quite interested in exposing Team Soso’s…activities. Stupid is as stupid does…

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