Misha Nonoo and David Geffen yachting


Hi JD….I’ve been hunting around as you suggested and came across voat.co/v/pizzagate. David Geffen is hosting one of his yachting parties around the Med (see DM article) with plenty of celebs. It appears to suggest there is a link between Geffen and MM. This was one of the comments:

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Misha Nonoo, one of the guests, was supposedly the matchmaker for Harry and Rachel. She’s tied into both SOHO House and (allegedly) yachting, big time. IMO Markus Anderson was the matchmaker but distanced himself. Rachel has vacationed with them both in many “yachting” destinations.

Rumor is that the real reason Markus denies he is the matchmaker is that he’s gay. Misha Nonoo’s “boyfriend” Mikey Hess is supposedly dating Josh Kushner who has Karlie Kloss bearding for him. They’re all on the cruise together.

This cruise is Gay Mafia. Barry Diller is famously gay even though he married Diane von Furstenberg, a close friend of Gloria Vanderbilt (Anderson Cooper’s mom), and is also very close the Rothschilds. She was married to a Belgian Prince, and her kids are royalty. But notice Barry went solo on this trip with his old friend DG. Their other BFF back in the day? SANDY GALLIN, the subject of many a ped0wood story.

Yeah, all this stuff is a rabbit hole, it’s all related.’

Interesting? TVFH

Yeah, this is a gay boys club. Mischa is friends with these guys and anything to raise her profile at this point, MM didn’t do her any favors. 

Markus is gay, one of the house wines is named after him Princess A at Soho. Markus is the connection guy, he knows everybody, you go to him for introductions, like he introduced Mischa to MM, Mischa also knows Princess Beatrice and Eugenie. Do you see the climb Markle made? Markle put her feelers out to everybody and probably would have shagged her way to Harry. Which there was a blind item about a DJ that she did, that was removed I don’t know why?? 

This is very good reporting TVFH, I appreciate your hard work. 

MM managed to meet him at Soho when Harry came to visit before the Florida games.  Her then live-in boyfriend Corey cooked for the group, and she slipped him her number. Of course, Harry texted her, he didn’t know. She showed in July, and here we are today. What a mess. 

Harry paid the price, he paid his dues, maybe not to some, but he made a mistake a big one but damn how long does he have to suffer? All I can say is Harry it’s going to be okay, you have friends, and we have your back. I’m not dead, so I’m not giving up on you, I promised. I hope you guys won’t either. 

Thank you TVFH 🌺🌺🌺🌺

Eddie Redbeard is BFFs with Markus…reasons.

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