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Terry Crews came out and admitted he had been sexually assulted by someone in the film industry, and is now being blacklisted. I have been a fan of his since Idiocracy, and will continue to support all of his work.

So when you wonder why people don’t come forward with their assults, this is why.

Where are all the bitch men who ask about male sexual assault when the focus is on women but are dead silent when men are actually at the focus.  

It’s almost as if Men’s Rights Activists don’t really care about men’s rights. Hmmm….



This misses the really powerful piece of the story: Terry Crews was the one who chose not to do the movie. One of the producers told him, essentially, that he could either do the movie and be drop the sexual assault charges, or continue with the trial and have “troubles”. Terry dropped out because he felt standing against abusers was more important than his film career.

It’s bullshit that he was threatened in the first place, of course, but his response was ballsy. I admire him for it.

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