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Hey Sophie…

Yesterday I posted some advice for Benedict. Today, I wanted to give you some advice. Go away quietly. Do whatever Disney says. I’m seriously saying this for your wellbeing. You really need to lay low and, most importantly, stop talking. See, the people who you really REALLY need to worry about are reading our blogs, too. And they see how much people are learning about their enterprises. All because of you. Let me re-emphasize that: ALL.BECAUSE.OF.YOU. Sophie, you are in danger, gurl! In fact, you are probably in more danger than Benedict. You know where the bodies are buried (in some cases, literally). But you haven’t been able to keep things quiet, because of your conditions. People are talking. And if they are talking to us, they are probably talking to much more important people. As much as I dislike you, I don’t want to see you come to a tragic end. So please, take my advice: keep quiet, keep hidden, and let Benedict go. This isn’t a game that you can win….but it’s possible it’s one you can survive.

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