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MORE brand placement! JC UTA could you be a tad less obvious? First we got a shade-filled month-old interview in RS, then low and behold BC pops up at a RS concert on the same day…with not one but two A-Listers in tow: Woody Harrelson and JLaw? You know who else seems to have tagged along? SoFail and Helloise, who were just dying to see their pal Florence (and the Machine) play alongside the RS. I wouldn’t doubt that Polly and maybe even Pedo were also there. At least BC wasn’t outnumbered…

PR paid two plants to spread their marketing gospel, an IG/FB rando and a Journo/Author who just released his new book…also on Friday. Which BC was only happy to promote and may or may not get picked up by SM ;). He just so happened to run into BC (and WH) before/after the concert on the Overground to prove that Toffbatch is ‘umble just like the rest of us. Imagine that…oh but SoFail was miffed because she wasn’t mentioned! How dare PR leave her out! Which explains the torrent of tabloid BS we got this weekend. 

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