Final Tea Party



Well, ladies and gents.
The day I’ve been dreading has arrived.
I had hoped to take this piece of tea to my grave.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that is
an option any longer.  It’s obvious that
Benedict is terrified of the truth getting out, so he’s staying in a horrible
situation.  Perhaps if I take away the
thing that Sophie is holding over him, he can finally be free.  

As I mentioned last week, this tea is really not that bad in
the grand scope of Hollywood.  It’s but a
blip on the screen.  However, being the
perfectionist that Benedict is, I can understand him being deeply disappointed
in himself.  So here, it goes…

Sometime last fall (I don’t know an exact date), Benedict
started using cocaine and pills to help him stay alert while traveling so much
for TIG while filming RIII.  I don’t know
who got him started on it…my guess is Harvey or someone on Harvey’s team.  Gotta have the star awake and alert for all
the interviews and red carpets, right?
Enter Sophie Hunter.  I’m not
going to rehash the whole sordid engagement fiasco, but I will say that
Benedict’s drug use became a coping mechanism for dealing with his
situation.  By the time PSFF came around,
he was using regularly.  From what I’ve
been told, Sophie encouraged the drug use, as she is an addict herself.  I’m pretty sure she helped feed his habit,
which became an outright addiction.   She may have even filmed or took photos, as we
know she likes to do.  I believe that she
pulled the pregnancy stunt because she knew she had him over a barrel, and she
wanted to secure her position for the foreseeable future.  

The reason for the rift between Martin and Benedict was
caused by Benedict being high on set and having trouble remembering his lines,
etc.  HE was the reason that Sherlock
filming ran behind schedule.  This put
Martin in a tough situation, as he had other filming commitments.  I’m told Mark Gatiss was also furious with
Benedict over his unprofessionalism.  I
would not be surprised if THIS is the thing Benedict is most ashamed of, in terms
of his addiction.

By this point, we have a case of outright blackmail.  Sophie demanded he go through with the
wedding she had been secretly planning or she’d spill about the drugs.  Of course, this just made him use even
more.  The whole time this was going on,
his team was planting the seed for a “not his” out.  But Benedict was so afraid of Sophie, he
refused to allow them to continue.  

By the time April rolled around, Benedict’s addiction was
out of control.  His loved ones were
afraid he might die.  So, while in China
for the Lauriteus Awards, Adam, Emily and the others staged an
intervention.  We know that it didn’t
work.  That’s why we didn’t see Adam
after China for months.  Benedict didn’t
think things were that bad, especially not his addiction.  And he didn’t think people knew about the
fake pregnancy, either.  

This went on until he finally had an epiphany,
after Fathers Day.  I’m not sure if it
was the ridiculous pram walk or the fact that he couldn’t focus during Hamlet
rehearsals, but he finally admitted he needed help.  I’m told he reached out to Johnny Depp, who
recommended an in-home rehab specialist.
Along with the specialist, Emily moved back in to help take care of
him.  From what I’ve heard, she is still
there.  Benedict is now clean and sober,
but I’m sure he’s still terrified of Sophie.
That blind item regarding the drug use, was her warning him not to cross
her.  I know that Benedict wants out. But
he’s afraid of losing his career.  But, those pathetic pics out today, make me think that ship has sailed.

So BC was well on his way to rock bottom around the time of his first Laureus hosting gig? Great, the same pattern may be repeating itself all over again

92. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#12**
#3 – This foreign born dual threat (working on triple threat) A lister is wasting away because of the drugs he has been taking the past few months. Apparently, they love their oxy products even on the other side of the pond. Benedict Cumberbatch

If so? Team Soso’s interests would best be served by plying their marks with that shit…


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