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The lovely Minerva and I were just having a chat about why this PS stunt now was necessary after Zero showed up at Geneva in person. No doubt she enjoyed the little bit of attention she got from us with our memes and snark because any attention is good attention for her. But why go back and address something that’s 21 days old, and as a rush job in less than 48 hours?


What could you be distracting us from? That you are part of Swinestein’s circle and acted as his henchman, erm woman, to shackle Ben and bend him to your/ Weinstein’s will back in 2014? Or that you used Misty’s poor fate to intimidate and threaten Ben into further submission and eventual isolation? Or that you tried to turn public opinion against him by sowing doubt of his spotless personal record? While you were doing everything you could to trap him to begin with? 



I invite anybody and everybody to dish new dirt on Sophie’s real accomplices and roots. Her activities and the neighbourhoods she runs in. Her links to Winestein and how she operated with him, under him, through him. Whatever. It’s gotten a bit boring here, as she herself contested earlier today. We all know Ben’s been severely undermined. So let’s pay some attention to Sophie’s more illicit and interesting activities for a change. We know she loves the attention! One of my timeless favourites is date night at the Barbican with Tom Edmund! Oooo wheeeee !  

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