Get Back Up



Let me begin by reiterating that you never listen to us. You want to play out a stupid narrative that long outlived any significance or utility. Disney, I’m sure you figured out exactly what happened by now and I wonder if it stings a bit? 

Always keep the patterns of her activities and behaviour at the forefront of any dealings with Sophie. Always remember the narc’s playbook. Nothing I am about to elucidate below is going to deviate from that. 

Trying to implicate Ben in poor Misty Upham’s rape and murder is exactly what the bloody narcissist would do. That blind was posted by Sophie and not some random insider. The only person who has anything to gain from that level of ruin is a Potemkin Narcissist. There is no argument here that it could be anybody else. A narc will never let go. Sophie will never let go. It requires something more significant to bring this to a complete end. 

All was quiet in December. It looked like things were finally coming to an end. 

Ben posted a blind about announcing a separation or a split after the holidays. 

He spent NYE with friends in Norway, away from the fake family and far away and Sophie nowhere in sight. 

Melrose trailers started pouring out. 

The Golden Globes happened, marking a most important matter on a big stage. (The narc is nervous. She needs to throw a volley at her target or else she’ll combust. Why would the narc combust when she can burn the other. This is not snark. This is the principle. This is how that mind works.

On 4th Jan the gold digger blind was posted. 

On 10th Jan comes a baffling blind with the wordings of a certain ‘foreign born A list mostly movie actor’ that is usually used for Benedict. 

There’s your doubt. She allowed that to fester. It was given just enough time to make its way. 

On 15th Jan Ben was launched as the brand ambassador for JLC at SIHH in Geneva, and the same evening was clearly accompanied with Sophie.

The backlash did not end. Not even after he was announced to be the next President of LAMDA following outgoing Timothy West. It tainted Ben. 

Here’s the thing. This is all part of the narc’s playbook. She sowed serious doubt in a time when few can be trusted. And she got away with it. She showed up at Geneva in her typical shapeless flowy gown setting the stage for a third pregnancy. 

Are the patterns clear now? Nothing has changed. 

She will not stop until she ruins him.

So now let’s truly examine what her role has really been here. Benedict has no track record of misbehaviour of any sort. And certainly not with women or the disenfranchised. There is no way he could have known what had sadly befallen Misty. Swinestein had his own traps laid out and our Potemkin rose was his project leader. Given Potemkin’s reputation for the circles she runs in, the illicit, illegal and deplorable activities she favours, the only person who would actually have known what had happened to Misty, would have been the one who is closely working with Swinestein. Ben would have been coyly informed, not to appraise him of any part of the truth, but purely to intimidate him and make him helpless. We then got the engagement in November. This fits Swinestein’s playbook too. 

We steadily noticed how isolated he became. And how much of that was self imposed. A lot of input followed that he was protecting people. Loved ones no doubt. Putting all those pieces together brings it all into sharper perspective. 

The Potemkin one just did her best to overturn his position as a victim. There are many, many who have suffered in Hollywood. In so many different ways. The spotlight is on the unbearable tragedies of so many women. It does not discount what has happened to the others or the men, and it’s thanks to the wider public with more experience and understanding to offer as a buttress of safeguard. We have compiled archives chronicling Ben’s suffering over the last 3 unending years. And we will happily continue reblogging it to kingdom come.

I am not pointing fingers. I have studied it deeply and I understand why so many couldn’t speak up. But let me ask a more poignant question. If our Potemkin Rose is as virtuous as she stubbornly (and stupidly) insists, why did she never speak up? 

Well, why would she. That’s not where her roots are.

Don’t mess with the Sherlock fandom. Not everybody is going to buy your bullshit. 

All of you, get back up and fight. Disney, and the rest of you. You all got a nice, nasty little surprise this week, now stop dragging your feet and end this. There is a time to plan, and there is a time to fight. Sometimes, you have to keep that fight behind closed doors, and then there’s a time when you have to break out and fight. You are on the brink of not having any option left. So now, fight. If you draw it out stupidly insisting on a narrative(no better than our Potemkin in stubbornness and remarkable stupidity) you will give her and her crew more time to come up with something new. Just as you did once again.

End it. 

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