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While I don’t agree of him playing another character of another ethnicity, I’m also starting to suspect that this is another publicity stunt. The timing. They know very well that nowadays people will speak up on social media. And although that is negative publicity for an actor, that will also get his name trending. At the end of the day, they got him to fake marry a woman, lie about having children for publicity. So what difference does it make -to them- another issue that boosts his profile?





I have purposely held back from commenting on the latest casting news around Ben’s name Nonny.

Mainly because the moment I read that article I started screaming at my screen as if Ben could hear me.  Because, where I am, Romanis don’t look like Ben does.  AT ALL.

Then I spoke to @gnanon about it and started yammering about the whitewashing to her, and she sent me this LINK to Mikey Walsh’s tweet to calm me down a bit.  Then I googled Mikey Walsh to see what he looks like and I realised Ben playing his father is not as far of a reach as I’d imagined.


I am not happy about these casting news.  At all.  Part of the reason is because I knew he was going to get skewered for this by people who don’t have a friend like @gnanon to calm them down, and part of the reason is because this is another project the BBC will be funding (I’m assuming SunnyMarch will also end up being one of the producers) and I don’t find the prospect of Ben playing an abusive homophobic father appealing.

Anyway, I digress.

Whatever the reason we’re hearing about this project one day before he shows up at TIFF (presumably), I don’t know how it will help The Current War get favourable reviews by critics.

Isn’t that what the upcoming week is supposed to be about?  Getting some traction behind Harvey’s hopes for The Current War entering the Oscars race?

I know the writer tweeted he is happy, but what else would he be? His story is getting made into a film with a quite well-known actor and I’m not sure that writers have much say in the casting anyway. I know the nans are shutting down all the people who criticize the casting choice because the writer tweeted so. However, my problem is with B, his agents and the casting people who allow this to happen. If B would have been smart he would have stepped away and after all those controversial, whitewashed, offensive roles (Star Trek’s Khan, Zoolander’s All, Black Mass’ Billy Bulger, etc) he would have given the opportunity to an ethnic actor to play the role (no matter if the man’s skin looks a bit lighter). What’s more, he could have turned into a brilliant PR move like that other actor (please remind me who that was, I forgot) recently who stepped away from playing an Asian character. It looks like to me that B is not learning and keeps making the same mistakes let it be about the sham or his career. Or is he struggling to find roles and he has to take anything that’s offered? Still, I think this was a big mistake and he will get a lot of shit for it.

Apart from that it is laughable that the nans try to shut down people who criticize the casting choice. That would make them racists too, but they are so brainless they would rather take it in stride and wear it as a badge just because they were able to defend their Unicorn prince . I bet that will be similar fun when they tried to shut down the whitewashing critique when he played DS. 

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